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christmas wrapping

We are in the thick of the holidays and I am enjoying every moment.  We could use a little snow, but other than that, everything is right on schedule. I spent the weekend making Christmas cookies, which I’m sharing tomorrow, and wrapping presents!

Present wrapping is literally my favorite part of the whole season.  I absolutely love spending time with each gift and making it as pretty as I humanly can.  This year, I am trying to do my best to stay true to my colonial theme and I choose a really cute navy blue antler paper and a plaid with red, green, gold, and navy. I loved both of the papers, but at close to $9 per roll, I was going to make sure they could stretch as far as possible.

Early on in my wrapping, I would spend almost as much money on the paper, bows, and tags as I would on the gifts.  Over the years, however, I’ve developed a system which saves a ton of money and makes the gifts just as beautiful.

cheaper ways to wrap gifts

easier gift wrap ideas

Aside from the cost of tags and ribbon, nice paper also seems to cost a boatload.  My beautiful $9 paper had just 3 yards on the roll, which is crazy!  You can only get 3 gifts out of that!  Although I obviously still buy the beautiful paper, I’ll share my secret for making it last.

Althought I do wrap smaller gifts fully in the pretty (and pricey) paper,  the best part is this… that when you finish wrapping them, there usually is a strip leftover on the side.  I reserve these strips to use on the larger gifts as something I call a ‘belly band’.

I never wrap the large ones 100% in the expensive paper.  I start out by wrapping them in a very low cost kraft paper or freezer paper, then I use that ‘belly band’ left from the smaller gift to offer a stripe of pattern.  The bulk of the paper used on the gift is plain and cheap, and the small strip of pretty paper is wrapped around the center of the gift is just to give it some interest.  On large gifts, I even use two (watch out!) of these wrapping paper ‘bands’.

gift wrap - varieties

belly bands gifts

In addition to the expense of pretty paper, ribbon can also be crazy pricey!  Instead of wrapping ribbon completely around a box, I use the the belly band, and then just top a bow right on top.  The ribbon stretches so much further that way.  Sometimes, a bow might seem underwhelming sitting all alone, so I just top the bow onto a piece of greenery (which I pluck from my yard).

lower cost gift wrap

This all goes to show that you can still use gorgeous elements, but making them go further can make all the difference!  Plus, this is any easy way to get lots of variety in your gift wrap, but still keep the elements all similar.

I am so happy with how the paper meshed with my colonial theme and even happier about how I saved money in the process!




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