Yarn Fringe Pillow DIY

yarn woven fringe pillow

Happy hump day, friend!  How is your week thus far? All I can say is that the forecast shows sunny and 70’s for the remainder of the week and weekend, which I’m unnaturally excited about.  After snow last weekend and non-stop downpour yesterday, I am really ready for some sun in my life… like really really ready.  Luckily, we’re headed out on a baby moon next week (details to come later) and I am so excited about the potential sun and sand that will be in my near future.

Ok, onto this gorgeous little DIY. When I saw a similar pillow for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS online, I thought, um no.  I had a blank cream pillow hidden in the depths of my guest room closet which had originally cost me about $5 and some cream yarn left over from a knitting project gone south, so I sought after making my own version of that $200 design for less than $12.


The key to this project is a little patience.  It’s very simple in theory, but takes some time and you have to stitch slowly so that the yarn doesn’t break as it passes through the pillow’s weave.  I used an upholstery needle which is thicker and has a large eye for the yarn to be threaded through.  The yarn I used is called a roving yarn which means that it’s not twisted, but just kind of matted together to form a strand.  It is very delicate and breaks apart like a cotton ball if too much pressure is applied, hence the slow sewing.  The entire thing still only took me about an hour, so if you like to keep your hands busy while watching TV like I do, this is the project for you!  Little concentration is needed…

yarn fringe pillow measure

First, this would probably be a little easier if you just sewed a pillow cover rather than into a stuffed pillow, but this was the one I had, so I went with it.  Start by measuring out seven or eight lines using a water erasable marker or pencil which you can erase afterwards.  I started with a 12″ line placed about 3″ from the top seam of the pillow. then an inch below that marked a 10″ line, then an 8″ line and so on… In hindsight, I might go back and add in lines at the 1/2″ point giving me double the lines and fringe.

Next, thread your needle about a yard of yarn and start stitching across your first line using centimeter long stitches.  Be sure to leave an 8″ tail at the beginning and end of the stitches.

yarn fringe pillow - stitch

yarn fringe pillow - trim

When you’re done, trim the tails so that they’re all the same length!

See, I told you that it was simple!  There isn’t much to the project aside from a little time a patience.  And an hour of my time and patience is definitely a better deal than paying $200 for this pillow.



What colors would you use?  Wouldn’t this be pretty with a space-dyed or marled yarn as well?

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