Your Ultimate Fall Pumpkin Guide

pumpkin guide

It’s officially fall tomorrow, so let’s get ready in the best way humanly possible starting today with a pumpkin education.  I am so absolutely obsessed with fall that I usually just dive right into pumpkin purchases willie nilly without any forethought, but that is the exact reason why I’ve had some interesting (not in a good way) pumpkin experiences.

Sure, pumpkins are beautiful and tasty, but we’re gonna give you a little more info on some of our favorite varieties and what they’re good for!  Have you ever wondered why the seeds you roasted weren’t awesome?  Or why that pie wasn’t as sweet as you’d hoped?  The variety of the pumpkin might have not been ideal, but you won’t run into those problems again! I hope you’re ready!

ultimate pumpkin guide

Obviously, I spilled that my favorite is the fairytale, but this year, I’m using a bunch of Lumina and Jarrahdale to stick with my (mostly) green and white color palette.  Pumpkins are a fruit, so they’re all edible, but there is such a variety of sweetness levels, colors, and meat thicknesses that it pays to know what you’re getting into. I never would have thought to use a fairytale or cinderella pumpkin to eat, but it turns out (aside from being used as decor) that’s what they’re best for! I am definitely going to cut into some this year and try this out!

Do you have a favorite?  Share why!

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